5 thoughts on “What is your favorite Japanese food?”

  1. i am doing a japanese style menu for my grad. project at the student run resturant!!!!!!!! love japanese food!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Out of the list, I would say Ramen and Yakitori. But my all time favourite Japanese food will always be Katsu curry. The first time I had it in Japan, it was delicious and you can definitely tell a difference in taste from the origins compared to tasting it here in London. I love it so much that I learnt how to cook it at home.

  3. I am afraid I have not tasted the real thing but the okonomiyaki and takoyaki that my Japanese teacher made for me were delicious ^_^
    I also love ramen, but to say it is my favourite food would be a little…
    The interesting thing about Japanese food is that the more you eat it, the more oishii it becomes. You grow accustomed to it really easily.
    I remember the first time I ate sushi I thought I was going to be sick (pardon the language). But I tried a second time and to my huge surprise it was really delicious!
    So know I enjoy eating sushi very much ^_^

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