Been There Done That – the travel check list for Japan

The concept of Been There Done That

Been There Done That (BTDT) is a new kind of travel guide. It is different from traditional guide books that provide tons of information but little space to plan and record your trips. The global edition covers 40 countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe with world heritages, things to eat, to do, daily and monthly planners, airports, cities, hotels and much more. There also are blank areas that allow to add your own items to personalize it. The Been There Done That series is published by LA DITTA Limited in Tokyo.

Been There Done That: Japan Checklist

In 2011 Been There Done That also published a Japan edition. It includes 27 checklists covering Must Do’s, Onsen Hotsprings, Things to Eat, Festivals and much more. Japan has such a rich heritage and there are so many things to do and eat that this checklist is really useful for any Japan traveler. You can use BTDT Japan to plan your trip, to track your progress and to record your experiences. It will help you to make the best from your trip and to capture your memories and experiences.

Been There Done That: Anime Checklist

Japanese anime became very popular across the world and is becoming part of modern mainstream culture.  In 42 sections the Been There Done That Anime Checklist covers almost any topic related to anime such as events, maid cafes, stories, episode trackers, costly goods & tips, anisongs and much more. It is a great list to also check your knowledge of anime and find out where you might want to learn more.


You can combine the Been There Done That checklist with the NIHON ICHIBAN 100 lists. Just add items to the blank parts of the Been There Done That list and create your personal checklist. Find out more about the 100 Things from NIHON ICHIBAN:

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