Hungry? Today’s Menu is… Japanese Fake Food?!

If you’ve visited Japan, one of the first things that captures your attention when going out to eat is the plethora of fake food and drink menu models such as the ones seen in the picture above that are displayed outside of dining establishments in showroom display cases.

The presence of these PVC and silicon-based models make dining in Japan a stress-free experience, which is a true blessing especially for those visiting with minimal Japanese language skills.  But not only are the models helpful for tourists, they are appreciated by Japanese alike when deciding where to go for a meal and/or drink.

As for when and where the current US$100 million fake food industry began, one need not look any further than the food capital of Japan – Osaka.  Born just over 80 years ago, the food and drink model making industry has had a tremendous influence over the entire restaurant market in Japan.  The quality and appealing factor of one’s fake food models can make or even break a restaurant.  It goes to show just how much of an affect on a restaurant’s revenue stream these models have.

If you are planning to visit or currently reside in Japan, you may not know this but some of the fake food manufacturers even offer fake food-making workshops on the weekends where you can create your own personalized models. Every fake food factory has its own schedule but at the fake food facility of Morino Sample in Osaka reservations can be made under this link in Japanese only.

Guest Author: Justin from Fake Food Japan

This post has been written by Justin who is the CEO of Fake Food Japan. With his Japanese partner he  runs a factory and shop for Fake Food in Osaka and also ships worldwide from his online shop, which is in English.

URL: http://www.fakefoodjapan.com/

One thought on “Hungry? Today’s Menu is… Japanese Fake Food?!”

  1. I was very shocked at how well and detailed it looks in Japan that I thought they were actually displaying the food on sale by the window. When I heard it was fake, I was taken aback but it just goes to show to me that showing exactly what the food will look like before customers buy it beforehand is a good idea.

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