Top Recipes with Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms from Japan

Sakura Cookies

List of Japanese Recipes with pickled Sakura Sakura cherry blossoms are a classic Japanese ingredient, which not only has a very unique flavor but also adds beauty to dishes. This list of recipes with pickled sakura includes Japanese traditional recipes as well as contemporary westernized recipes as well. This sakura tea is slightly salty and […]

Hungry? Today’s Menu is… Japanese Fake Food?!

Fake Food Japan

If you’ve visited Japan, one of the first things that captures your attention when going out to eat is the plethora of fake food and drink menu models such as the ones seen in the picture above that are displayed outside of dining establishments in showroom display cases. The presence of these PVC and silicon-based models make […]

Umeboshi (梅干)

Ume Tree

The Umeboshi also called “The Japanese Salt Plum” is a very popular sort of pickles (漬け物-Tsukemono) in Japan. It is a pickled plum fruit that comes from the Ume tree. The Umeboshi have a sour and salty, but also, fruity taste. The Umeboshi have been consumed in Japan for centuries. Around June when the fruits […]

Great Sushi Commercials – Sushiro Sushi Rap

Sushiro Belt Sushi

Sushiro Sushi Commercials Sushiro (スシロー) is one of the largest restaurant chains for belt sushi in Japan with about 200 outlets. Being a national player they are running commercials in TV. They developed a new aesthetics for Sushi commercials giving it a delicious but modern style. Sushiro’s commercials are also called Sushi Rap due to […]

Sakura tea with real cherry blossoms


100 Drinks from Japan: Pickled Sakura Tea / sakuracha / 桜茶 In Japan Sakura tea is a popular drink for celebrations such as weddings or other special occasions. It is made with sakura cherry blossoms pickled in salt – a very traditional Japanese ingredient. In Japanese Sakura tea is called “sakura cha – 桜茶” or […]