Other Japanese Crafts

Japan has such a rich heritage of different crafts beyond ceramics, paper, woodcraft, lacquer waremetalwork and textiles. Here is a collection of Japanese crafts that did not fit in any of the above categories but that deserve to be introduced.

Japanese Candles / Wa-Rosuku / 和蝋燭

Japanese candles are very different from western candles in terms of material and shape. They are made of vegetable wax and the wicks are made of Japanese paper. The typical “ikari” shape gradually becoming narrower at their base. Kyoto Candles are white or red and sometimes painted with flower motifs.

Koshu Lacquered Deerskin /Koshu Inden/甲州印伝

Inden Deerskin Craft is made of lacquered deerskin. Japanese lacquer is printed in traditional and contemporary patterns on deerskin leather. The techniques and the patterns were originally used for the production of samurai armor but nowadays they are found on purses, bags, business card holders and many more.

Edo Cut-glass / Edo Kiriko / 江戸切子

Edo Kiriko is a Japanese colored glass craft known for its unique engraved patterns. A glassblower blows clear glass into a paper-thin shape of colored glass and then rotates it to make the overall form. The result is a two-layer structure with colored glass on the outside and clear glass on the inside. By cutting patterns into the outside surface, a vivid contrast of color and transparent glass is created.

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