From elegant cufflinks to versatile ties, Japan-inspired accessories reflect a balance between tradition and contemporary trends, allowing men to express their appreciation for Japanese culture while elevating their personal style.

For Men

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  • ORII Craft Silk Tie ORII Craft Silk Tie


    ORII Craft Silk Tie

    Care instructions:Please dry clean. Please note that color may fade or transfer when used in a wet state.The color of metal gives a sense of nostalgia even though it is modern.The metal crafts and materials created by Orii have an aesthetic sense that is...
  • ORII Crafts Luxury Copper Cufflinks ORII Crafts Luxury Copper Cufflinks


    ORII Crafts Luxury Copper Cufflinks

    These elegant cufflinks will add a beautiful color to your attire and are a great conversation starter thanks to their craftsmanship and Japanese history. The cufflinks are embedded with colored copper plates. They make for a great gift and can be...