CHINRIU - 150 years of Refined Foods

CHINRIU HONTEN was established in 1871 in Odawara city by Monya Komine, the last chief cook of Odawara Castle. He started a high-class restaurant which' 'Umeboshi' plums became so popular they became famous local souvenirs. The next generation of the Komine family closed the restaurant in order to focus completely on their high quality umeboshi and increased the line-up with other Japanese fine foods. 
CHINRIU is now run by the fifth generation of that same Komine family and we are still dedicated to premium quality refined Japanese foods. Only the best ingredients are selected from a specified group of local farmers to ensure authentic products for any high quality recipe!  

CHINRIU today specializes in three key ingredients: Ume plums, red Shiso and Sakura cherry blossoms. We develop products using these natural, locally sourced ingredients, without usage of unnecessary enhancers or additives. We work with Japanese and international chefs to create authenthic and fushion flavors that can be enjoyed by food lovers in- and outside of Japan.

The fifth generation of the Komine family is the first female CEO running the company - something rare in Japan, especially for a traditional business. After studying and living abroad, Takako KOMINE and her husband Nicolas SOERGEL took over the company in 2010 and used their combined skills and experiences to modernize and internationalize the business.

Through five generations of business with CHINRIU we personally know- and work with a large number of other traditional (family) businesses like us. Many owners told us that they wanted to sell internationally, but lacked the necessary know how.

Then in 2012, a new chapter starts... 

...our original brand NIHON ICHIBAN launches.

The fifths generations unique combination of having lived and workede aborad, along with the inside knowledge on challenges of a traditional family business, motivated and allowed us to launch the NIHON ICHIBAN brand in 2012.  Literally meaning "The Best of Japan", we strive to offer the very best arts, crafts and foods from authenthic Japanese craftsmen and make them available all over the world. Starting with our homemade CHINRIU items, we now work together with over 150 craftsmen, artisans and designers from all over Japan and offer a platform that brings international customers and Japanese sellers together - especially for those that do now have the knowledge, skill or time to operate an (international) online shop themselves. 
Our mission is to support the Japanese traditional industry and provide a solution for the challenges of a shrinking domestic market and a lack of successors for family businesses. We strongly believe that the continuation of such companies has great value for the preservation of Japan's cultural heritage. Read more on our company mission here. 

Why shop with us? 

150 Years of History
The company behind NIHON ICHIBAN - Chinriu Honten Limited - was established in 1871 and has more than 150 years of experience in making and selling high quality products. We have satisfied our customers for five generations. 

Authentic Japanese Products
Through CHINRIU and NIHON ICHIBAN we offer genuine Japanese products that often are very hard to find outside of Japan.
We have great personal relationships with Japanese craftsmen, designers and owners of traditional companies and this way support the survival of these businesses and art styles. 

Worldwide Shipping
We provide worldwide shipping at economical rates. Choose from three different delivery methods based on price, registered tracking and speed.  

100% Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is our top priority! Please find our shipping and return policies here. Our bilingual support team is ready to assist you with questions and queries along every step of your order process. 

Safe and Secure
NIHON ICHIBAN uses SSL for secure transactions by encrypting all data to- and from the site. 
We have collected over 3000 reviews from shoppers from all over the world, verified by YOTPO. 

Meet the Owners

In this video by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) our Managing Director Nicolas Soergel introduces a number of our traditional umeboshi products, as well as our original fushion products. The video is taken in our HONTEN original shop. 
You can see the "umeboshi museum" with the life-size umeboshi wooden vat, the wall with jars of preserved umeboshi per year since our etablishment, and the traditional tools like the old-school cash register.  

Company Information

chinriu honten logo
1-2-1 Sakaecho, Odawara
Kanagawa 250-0011 Japan
Phone: +81-(0)50-6860-4261
Registration No:  1021001035429 
Representative Director: Takako KOMINE
Managing Director: Nicolas SOERGEL

Domestic Shops

Sakaecho 1-2-1, Odawara-shi, Odawara 250-0011
Kanagawa, Japan
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00
Tel: 0465-22-4951 Location: Google maps

This shop mainly sells traditional inspired food and has a small line-up of crafts from Odawara, such as casting, turnery and lacquer ware.

Lusca 1st floor, Sakaecho 1-1-9, Odawara-shi, 
Odawara 250-0011 Kanagawa, Japan
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10:00 - 20:30
Tel: 0465-24-779 Location: Google maps

This small shop inside the Odawara station specializes in Umeboshi related food items.