Zori and Setta are types of traditional Japanese footwear that are commonly worn with kimono or other traditional Japanese clothing. 

Zori are a type of sandal that are similar in design to flip-flops. They typically feature a flat sole made of straw or rubber, and a strap that runs over the top of the foot. Zori are often worn in the summer months or on formal occasions, and are typically made in a range of colors and styles to match different types of kimono.


Setta have a flat sole made of straw or rubber, but they also feature a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the foot and ankle. The cloth is often made of silk or cotton and may be decorated with patterns or designs. Setta are often worn with yukata, a type of casual summer kimono.


Both zori and setta are considered to be comfortable and practical footwear that can be worn for long periods of time. They are also lightweight and easy to pack, making them a popular choice for travelers or people who attend traditional Japanese events or festivals. both styles can be worn with regular Western clothing for a unique, Japanese look. 

Zori & Setta Sandals

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