Preserve Traditional Businesses

Japan is home to about 33,000 companies that have over 100 years of history. Most of these companies are family-owned and fall into the hospitality, food manufacturing, crafts and construction business. Traditional techniques often require an ecosystem of multiple artisans or companies to create a finished product. If one key player in such a supply chain vanishes, an entire group of products cannot be made anymore and the necessary know-how might disappear forever. Many Japanese traditional ecosystems are in danger due to shrinking domestis markets, as well as a lack of workforce and successors. Our mission is to contribute in preserving this unique ecosystem of traditional Japanese family businesses by building a platform that helps these companies overcoming three major challenges:

How do we want to achieve this?

#1. Build an International Sales Platform

Japan's population is estimated to decrease by half within the next 40 years. It is therefore essential for traditional Japanese businesses to start selling their products internationally to survive. Many small, traditional businesses run by elderly craftsmen do not have the time or knowledge to do this. 
We are building a global platform to sell Japanese artisanal products to consumers and businesses in more than 100 countries. 

#2. Develop People

Educating owners and potential successors is key for the survival of traditional Japanese family businesses. We are using our ever-increasing nextwork of traditional companies to share best practices and are planning to develop a "university" providing education servicess tailored to the need of these businesses.

To cover the lack of craftsmen- and women, we will establish a platform that matches people inside and outside of Japan interested in becoming artisans with traditional companies.

#3. Provide Capital & Succession

Even healthy companies sometimes cease to exist due to the lack of successors willing and able to take over the business when the previous generation retires. Where strategically and financially feasible, we will acquire such companies. NIHON ICHIBAN shall evolve into a holding that enables traditional companies to strive under its umbrella.