Japanese vinegar, also known as "su" or "kome-su," is a type of rice vinegar that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is made by fermenting rice wine or sake, and then allowing the vinegar to age. The resulting vinegar has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and a pale yellow color. Japanese vinegar is a key ingredient in many Japanese dishes, including sushi rice, pickled vegetables, and marinades for meats and seafood. It is also used as a condiment, often mixed with soy sauce, to add flavor to dishes like udon noodles and tempura.


There are several different types of Japanese vinegar, including red sushi vinegar, black vinegar, umeboshi vinegar and seasoned vinegars like sanbaizu or tosazu. Overall, Japanese vinegar is a versatile ingredient that adds a tangy, slightly sweet flavor to many different types of dishes in Japanese and fusion cuisine. Many of our vinegar brewers have been established for generations and still work according to the traditional production process. 


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