Japanese socks are often referred to as "tabi" socks. They are a traditional type of Japanese sock that dates back to the 15th century. Tabi socks are unique in that they have a separation between the big toe and the other toes, allowing them to be worn with traditional Japanese footwear such as "geta" or "zori".

Tabi socks are available in a wide range of materials, including cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics. They have become popular around the world as a Japanese fashion style to combine with Western outfits too. 

Insoles & Socks

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  • tabi socks Unisex Traditional Japanese Tabi Socks


    Unisex Traditional Japanese Tabi Socks

    Yamato Kobo collaborated with a local Nara based traditional socks manufacturer to create socks that go perfectly with their setta.SIZE: 25~27cm85% cotton 10% nylon 5% polyurethane  The socks are anti-slip and suitable for any floorThey have a...
  • inSTYLE Tatami Shoe Insoles inSTYLE Tatami Shoe Insoles


    Tatami Shoe Insoles

    inSTYLE is a Japanese producer of products using IGUSA rush grass inspired by the simple beauty of Tatami mats. The company is located in Fukuoka in the Kyushu region, which is Japan's main production area for rush grass. They use Japanese rush grass...
  • Traditional Japanese Geta Five Toe Socks Traditional Japanese Geta Five Toe Socks


    Traditional Japanese Geta Five Toe Socks

    Established in Shizuoka in 1937, Mizutori is a small business of local artisans dedicated to making high quality Japanese footwear and improve people???s health, happiness and comfort through wearing and enjoying them. Each item by Mizutori is handmade...