Wagashi is a traditional Japanese style sweet. These sweets are often made from plant-based ingredients such as sweetened red bean paste, rice flour, and agar-agar (a type of seaweed-derived gelatin). Wagashi comes in a wide variety of shapes and flavors, and they are often served with tea in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.


Wagashi is an important part of Japanese culture and is often given as gifts or served during special occasions such as weddings and holidays. They are not only delicious but also beautiful in their presentation, with intricate shapes and vibrant colors that are often inspired by nature.
Due to their short shelf-life, not all wagashi can be shipped. We are carefully expanding our lineup with suitable, delicious sweets. 


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  • CHINRIU 'Ume Shigure' Candied Ume Plum Sticks, 80g CHINRIU 'Ume Shigure' Candied Ume Plum Sticks, 80g
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    CHINRIU Candied Ume Plum Sticks UMESHIGURE 80g

    CHINRIU is a specialist for condiments, pickles and sweets made of ume plum, red shiso and sakura cherry blossoms. The company was established in 1871 by the last chief cook of Odawara castle - Monya KOMINE - and is now run by the fifth generation of the...
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Popular Types of Wagashi


Yokan is a Japanese traditional sweet that is often served with green tea. Made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar, it often comes in a large, firm jelly-type block and is eaten in slices. Popular flavors are sweet beans, matcha or fruits like yuzu. 
Some yokan include a filling, such as chestnuts, beans, or chopped up fruits. 


Mochi refers to Japanese rice cakes, which come in a large variety of colors and flavors. Standard mochi are white and filled with sweet bean paste. Yomogi Mochi, (kusa mochi) is made with Japanese mugwort, which adds a green color and nutrients. Sakura Mochi is made from cherry blossoms. Kashiwa Mochi are mochi wrapped in oak leaf, adding a unique aroma and flavor.


Nerikiri is a very sweet type of chewy mochi, that is often served with bitter matcha. The sweets are both delicious and beautiful, with designs reflecting the season, nature and animals or foods. They are very colorful, using colors from natural ingredients like tea powder, sakura, bean paste or cocoa. They make for beautiful gifts and are fun to make.