Geta sandals are a traditional type of Japanese footwear that have been worn for centuries. They are typically made with a wooden sole that is elevated by two horizontal supports, called "teeth," that are attached to the sole with straps. The teeth help to keep the wearer's feet above the ground, providing protection from dirt, mud, and other elements.


Geta sandals are often worn with "tabi" or five-fingers socks. They are popular in Japan for everyday wear and are also worn on special occasions such as festivals and weddings. Geta come in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns. Modern designs have been developed with cushioning and ergonomic support, making them more comfortable for daily wear.

Geta Sandals

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How to wear Geta? 

A geta sandal only approximately fits a shoe size. Different from Western footwear, geta can be worn with either your heel sticking out, or a bit more space behind your heel, depending on your preference. The top three styles are recommended, the bottom examples might be- or become uncomfortable after long use: