Japanese footwear is known for its unique and distinctive style. Traditional Japanese shoes, such as "geta" and "zori," are made from natural ingredients like wood or straw and have a raised platform sole. They are often worn with "tabi" socks, which have a separation between the big toe and the other toes.


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Geta are made from high quality wood that is soft to touch and comfortable to walk on. Whereas traditionally geta do not have a left and right side, MIZUTORI Geta do, so that they are easier and more comfortable to walk on in daily life. With special five-finger socks, they can be worn year-round. Research has shown that walking on geta improves blood circulation and better posture. 


Setta is a type of traditional Japanese shoeware. 

The characteristic of setta sandals is their excellent comfort. Most models are unisex and made using a wide range of natural materials, like hemp, igusa, cotton, and soft leather. They can be worn both formally and casually, in- and outside of the house. 
Setta traditionally is worn with your heel sticking out slightly, but nowadays people wear them fitting as well.