All orders of customers who created an account with NIHON ICHIBAN - except wholesale customers - are eligible to collect and redeem points under this program. Orders that were checked out as guests without opening a customer account do NOT fall under the NIHON ICHIBAN loyalty program.

Collecting and Redeeming Points

One percent (1.0%) of the order amount excluding shipping costs is automatically converted into loyalty points. Points cannot be redeemed on the same order they were acquired. They can be redeemed from the next order onwards. Redemption of points can be done in full or in parts during the check-out procress, during which the number of availble points is being displayed.

The current loyalty point account balance is being displyed on the My Accout page.

Point Expiry

Loyalty points expire one year after their acquisition date. We will send you an email reminder about points that are at risk of expiring.

Program Changes

CHINRIU HONTEN LIMITED has the right to unilaterally change the terms or even discontinue this loyalty program without prior consultation with customers. Customers with a positive point balance will be informed about changes by email.