Spices and seasonings are an important part of Japanese cuisine. Known for balanced and flavorful dishes, the seasonings are used to emphazise and combine different flavors and ingredients. Japanese sea salts include a lot of umami, whereas those infused with yuzu and wasabi will easily spice up even simple dishes. Togarashi and other spices are perfect to give a kick to your food and create unique fusion recipes. Furikake is a traditional topping that makes simple rice and veggies fun to eat even for children or picky eaters. These spices and seasonings allow you to experiment endlessly in your kitchen. 

Spices & Seasonings

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    Japanese fermented condiment YUZU KOJI. Ideal for marinating and adding umami to your dishes. Chicken filet marinated in Yuzu koji. Japanese recipe


    Yuzu Koji 110g | Fermented Condiment for Marinades

    This fermented condiment is loaded with umami. Use it for marinating chicken or duck or use it for fish or scallops. Adding a little bit to a buttere sauce, a mayonnaise or a dressing will give you dishs the little extra. it even can be used in pastry as...