In Japan, there are several types of sugar commonly used in cooking and baking. Sugars like wasanbon are used for Japanese taditional sweets, whereas the brown sugars from Okinawa are famous for their unique flavor and nutritional value derived from the pure sugar cane used. 


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Popular Sugar Types

Raw Sugar

Raw sugar has an elegant, natural sweetness with a hint of umami. It is a pure, crude sugar, with large granules. Because raw sugar is not heavily refined, it has a higher natural molasse (rich in iron and natural absorption enhancers such as sulfur, fructose, and copper), minerals and vitamins content than table sugar, which results in a rich, complex flavor.
Raw sugar is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and halal diets, as not processed with bone char.


Wasanbon is a unique raw type of sugar, made of sugar cane. With a delicate texture and sweetness, it is said to be one of the most subtle sugars. It is made from a sugar cane that does not grow flowers. All the plan's nutrition remains in the stem. 
This type of sugar is often used for Japanese wagashi.

Okinawan Sugar

Okinawan black sugar is well known for its signature complex taste and nutritional/health benefits. Unlike refined white cane sugars, it contains more minerals; potassium, calcium, and iron, and has traditionally been used for many home remedies. It is even said to prevent tooth decay and support lower cholesterol. Many chefs and bakers love Okinawan sugar for its exciting flavor! In Okinawa sugar cubes are eaten as a mildly sweet snack during hot, active days. 

Infused Sugars

Infused sugars mixed with other ingredients are a great way to easily flavor your pastries and sweets. Sakura sugar, for example, can be used in baking, but also to top ice cream or yogurt for a unique texture and flavor.