Monaka shells are known for their delicate and crispy texture, which is achieved through a unique manufacturing process. The mochi is pressed into thin wafers using a special mold, and the shells are then toasted to create their distinctive crunchiness. The sweet or savory filling is then sandwiched between the two shells, creating a delightful combination of textures and flavors.
As monaka shells can be infused with flavors and colors, and you can use them in either sweet creations, such as with red bean paste or icecream, as well as add them to savory dishes like ramen noodles or hotpot, the variations are endless.

Monaka Shells

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Monaka inspiration

Classic with traditional red bean paste filling

Decorative, edible topping on sweet desserts

Moden fillings like chocolate, ice cream or custard

In sweet drinks, like hot chocolate or matcha 

In clear soups, hot pots or noodle soups

Filled with savory dishes like vegetables and melted cheese