Japanese incense, also known as "Koh" or "Kōdō," is a type of incense that is typically made from a mixture of natural ingredients such as agarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, and other spices. It is known for its high quality and unique scents, which can range from subtle and floral to intense and woody. It is often used in traditional Japanese ceremonies such as tea ceremonies, Zen meditation, and Shinto rituals. Incense holders come in a wide variety of designs that either hold a single burning incense or can store your full collection. Designed by skilled craftsmen, they even make for beautiful decoration items on their own. 

Incense & Stands

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  • Chushin Kobo "Marugatakouhai" Incense Holder CH-39 Chushin Kobo "Marugatakouhai" Incense Holder CH-39
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    Round Cast Iron Incense Holder CH-39 MARUGTA KOUHAI

    ???Chushin kobo??? is a studio incorporating traditional Japanese cast iron techniques, with modern everyday designs and tools. They create products in Japanese styles that can be used by cultures all over the world. Traditional techniques of pot making...
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  • NOUSAKU Round Incense Stick Holder "MARU" NOUSAKU Round Incense Stick Holder "MARU"


    Round Tin Incense Stick Holder "MARU"

    This beautiful Incense stick holder from NOUSAKU comes in two colors; a Silver-colored 100% Tin version and a gold-colored Brass one. It has a a round, simple, but elegant design that will perfectly compliment your incense sticks for a relaxing mood.They...