The sale of alcohol is regulated in most countries. Please carefully read below rules to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations for purchasing alcohol from us.

Legal Age

When visiting our alcohol pages, you are required to confirm that you are of legal age to purchase alcohol in your country through a pop-up. 

Countries we Ship to

Please  understand that we can only ship alcohol to the countries listed below without exceptions.


- Austria
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- U.K.
- Finland
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Italy
- Liechtenstein


- Luxembourg
- Malta
- Monaco
- Portugal
- Romania
- Slovenia
- Slovacia
- Switzerland
- The Netherlands


- Hong Kong
- Japan
- Macao
- Singapore
- Thailand


- Australia
- Canada
- New Zealand
- South Africa

Please note that we cannot ship alcohol with more than 70% alcohol. For alcohol between 24% and 70% there is a shipping restriction of 1 case (max 5 liters).  

Customs Regulations

Many countries have detailled import regulations for the import of alcohol. There can be restrictions on the number of bottles, the alcohol percentage or the volume in liters you are allowed to import. Please make sure that you understand these regulations before placing an order. 

For Businesses

Many countries require an alcohol import license for businesses. If you purchase alcohol as  a company, please make sure you have all required permits before placing an order.


In case an alcohol order is being returned to us due to lack of compliance with regulations of the receiving country, we will refund the product value without the shipping costs.