Traditional Setta for modern life

YAMATO KOBO is a maker of Japanese Setta footwear, since 1957. They are based in Nara city - the center of Setta production in Japan. Their sandals are used by many high class Japanese hotels and inns. Different from traditional setta, the YAMATO setta differentiate between the right and left foot by placing the thong at the most appropriate place, which makes them more comfortable to wear. 


YAMATO still uses traditional production methods, but have improved their designs with cushions and shapes for maximum comfort, as well as create modern designs using tatami, synthetic leather, denim and hemp.  

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Setta is a type of traditional Japanese shoeware. 


The characteristic of setta sandals is their comfort, which was a great alternative to sometimes unfomfortable wooden "geta" and the unsturdy "zori".


YAMATO setta are crafted using a wide range of materials, from hemp, igusa and cotton, to soft leather. They can be worn both formally and casually, in- and outside of the house. 
YAMATO setta are known for their comfort and creative styles that fit a modern lifestyle.

How to wear Setta? 

Traditionally, setta are worn with your heel slightly sticking out (left), but some people now-a-days choose to wearn them as Western footwear (right).  To wear setta the traditional way, have your heel stick out 1-3 cm and walk in short, shuffling steps as when wearing a kimono. For formal occasions, you can wear them in the "fitting" style. 

During winter, you can wear them with special socks so that your feet stay warm,but you can still enjoy their excellent comfort. Setta will naturally adjust to the wearer, so they will become more comfortable over time. Avoid your setta getting soaked or walking in heavy rain. 


The thong of traditional styled setta are placed in the center, so they do not differentiate between your left or right foot. As a result, your little toe often sticks out, sometimes to the point that it can touch the ground. YAMATO's contemporary designs place the thong on the ideal positions for your left and right foot. 


Authenthic Setta come in a simple oval shape (left). YAMATO's contemporary setta include diamond, square, round and heeled designs using a wide range of colors and materials. It allows you to wear the shape most comfortable to you, and express your personal fashion style! 


Traditionally, setta are made with IGUSA.

Igusa regulates warmth and humidity by absorbing moisture -- so setta are cool and comfortable even in hot weather, but also comfortable in the cold. Igusa also is a natural antibacterial material, fighting off athlete's foot and unpleasant odors. Offering the same comfort and nostalgic scent as tatami mats, igusa setta are said to help you relax when walking in them. 

Contemporary designs also include:

Cow leather: durable, classic and luxury.
Synthethic rubber: lightweight and comfortable.
Cork: light, moderately tense, and comfortable.
EVA: soft, elastic, thick but lightweight.
Urethane: excellent wear resistance and elasticity.

Rubber sponge: 27% natural rubber for excellent elasticity, abrasion resistance and anti-slip.
Linnen, denim, hemp, cotton, felt, etc. 

NOTE: Each pair of YAMATO setta is handcrafted by a skilled craftsman and uses natural materials. Especially with igusa styles and on the bottoms of the setta there may be uneven colors, rubbing marks and small irregularities caused by the material or crafting process. With cotton thongs, the inside cotton may show.
Each pair of setta is unique and may differ slightly. These setta are not defective.

Health Benefits of Wearing Setta

(Close to) barefoot:
Improves blood circulation, which serves to retain and enhance good health. 
Walking with your toes and heels:
Is effective in strengthening foot arches, which not only stabilizes posture while standing,
but also acts as a cushion to absorb the body's weight. 
Stimulating the sole and toes:
Is thought to stimulate the brain, enhancing concentration and judgement, and stabilizing emotions. 
Spreading toes with the 'hanao' thong:
Toes are more freely movable when you wear setta. This is effective in protecting against bunions.

YAMATO Setta Production

Each set of setta is carefully crafted by one of the skilled NARA craftsmen.

Sole is crafted

Hanao thong is crafted

Base material is cut out

Press base and sole 

Setta are sown

Heels are hammered on

Thongs are tied to base

Finishing touches