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MIZUTORI Geta Unisex MONOGATARI, Checkered (NT-22) MIZUTORI Geta Unisex MONOGATARI, Checkered (NT-22)


MIZUTORI Geta Unisex MONOGATARI, Checkered (NT-22)

The MONOGATARI series consists of modern geta sandals with traditional designs. They have a flat heel and the thong is made of traditional Japanese cloth. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor...

Rienzome Tenugui Kabu 986 How to use tenugui


Rienzome Tenugui with Kabu Turnip (986)

Kabu is the Japanese name for turnip. Next to a popular ingredient in Japanese pickles, the kabu pattern has been used since the Edo period as a lucky charm. "Tenugui" is often translated as...

Japanese fermented condiment YUZU KOJI. Ideal for marinating and adding umami to your dishes. Chicken filet marinated in Yuzu koji. Japanese recipe


Yuzu Koji 110g | Fermented Condiment for Marinades

This fermented condiment is loaded with umami. Use it for marinating chicken or duck or use it for fish or scallops. Adding a little bit to a buttere sauce, a mayonnaise or a dressing will give you...

Coralie Tshirt Neck view Coralie Tshirt Back view


Coralie test Tshirt

This is Coralie test product Test test test
€60.30 - €72.36

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