Revitalize society with smart designs

A design company that makes everyone smile, including those who "create", those who "make", those who "convey" and finally those who "use". Believing that words starting with an "H" like "hello, happy and ha ha ha" are words that have a heart-warming feeling, Hconcept assembles unique crafts from designers and craftsmen all over Japan. Each collection is carefully curated and has a story and message. 


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hConcept represents designers and craftsmen from all over Japan: 

Based on the concept that all things are connected by design, Hconcept brings the message of designers from all over Japan to the world. 

They don't only consider the idea behind a project or design, but carefully consider the value it will bring long term to enthusiast from all over the world. Their line-up is therefore very carefully curated and many of the items have won awards and are featured in international design stores and magazines. 

Some of the mottos their live by are: 

The world is our market.

Let us give life to your ideas.
Broadcast your vision to the world.

An example of a popular design is the ”Kazeguruma" Sakura Pinwheel designed by Yuzo Azu.