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Top Recipes with Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms from Japan

List of Japanese Recipes with pickled Sakura Sakura cherry blossoms are a classic Japanese ingredient, which not only has a very unique flavor but also adds beauty to dishes. This list of recipes with pickled sakura includes Japanese traditional recipes as well as contemporary westernized recipes as well. This sakura tea is slightly salty and […]

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NOUSAKU – traditional cast techniques applied to contemporary designs

NOUSAKU is a producer of Takaoka Casting. The region of Takaoka has been famous for casting mainly Buddhist alter fittings made of tin and brass since 400 years. NOUSAKU was established in 1916 and is managed by the fourth generation of the Nousaku family. The family and company by itself are already a subject by […]

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VEGETABRELLA – the umbrella that looks like a salad head

Japan is well known for it’s fake food culture with most restaurants having replicas of popular dishes in their show window. It therefore is no wonder that the VEGETABRELLA was invested in Japan. The Vegetabrella is an umbrella that looks like the head of a romaine lettuce. It’s name is a combination of the two […]

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Nicolas Soergel

Nicolas Soergel – Founder of NIHON ICHIBAN

Interview with Nicolas Soergel – Founder of NIHON ICHIBAN Interviewed by Sophie Coureau – staff writer at Chinriu Honten Limited What is NIHON ICHIBAN about and why did you start it? Japan is a country with a very rich heritage and abundance of great food, craft and design products.  But knowledge about these original products […]

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