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Part of CHINRIU's main store in Odawara city is a local museum, with the original umeboshi pickling barrel, the traditional register used in their very first shop, and an umeboshi display with plums harvested every year since their opening - see what pickled plums look like from the year you were born! 


The founder of CHINRIU, Monya Komine, served as the head chef for Odawara's feudal lord Okubo Tadayoshi. When the Meiji Restoration ended the feudal system in Japan, Monya utilized his cooking skills to establish his own restaurant. His dishes included ingredients from Odawara's rich natural resources: fruits, herbs and foods from the sea and the surrounding mountains. Especially his traditional pickles were so well received, that the next generations of the Komine family decided to focus on manufacturing and selling their unique fine foods and confectionary. 

CHINRIU's goals 
To make customers happy
with delcious, natural and authenthic foods and surprising new fusion products. 
Embrace change and evolve
to overcome a changing society and modernizing food culture.  
Drastic reduction

Reducing waste and increase productivity. Striving to operate with minimum impact on the environment.

Ume Plums 

The Ume plum or Ume apricot has a very fruity flavor and a pleasant level of acid. CHINRIU specializes in Ume products, such as salt pickled Ume, Umeshu plum wine, and both Japanese and Western style sweets made with Ume fruits. Umeboshi by themselves are often enjoyed in summer by themselves, on top of rice, inside "onigiri" rice balls or inside ochazuke. The dark red ume are flavored with shiso. For a less salty variant go for the "low sodium" or "hachimitsu" honey variations. Want to enjoy the benefits of umenboshi, such as their ability to battle or even cure fatigue, alcohol poisoning/hangovers, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, Infections and more, but don't like them on their own? Go for CHINRIU's fusion foods like the "Ume Ginger Dip", Ume Jam" or "Sweet and Sour Seasoning Paste".  

Sakura Cherry Blossoms

Sakura cherry blossoms are preserved by pickling them in salt. The beautiful pink cherry blossoms are traditionally used to make a salty tea for celebrations, but nowadays Sakura are used for a large number of sweets and beverages. CHINRIU is a producer of salt pickled cherry blossoms and even developed a unique line-up of products including Sakura Salt, Sakura Wine and Sakura Syrup. Their dried Sakura flowers and petals are edible and a popular decoration for foods and bakes. Their syrup and jam can be used to infuse pastries, ice cream, yogurt and cocktails. 

Red Shiso

Red Shiso, also called Red Perilla or Beefsteak Leaves, is one Japan's essential spices. It is often preserved in salt and has a flowery flavor that resembles anise. The leaves itself are a bit spicy with a hint of cinnamon and are very rich in calcium and iron. They are believed to contain cancer-fighting properties and help improve blood circulation. 
Due to their strong flavor and color, they are ideal to use for pickling, or to compliment dishes like sashimi and tempura. 

Whole red shiso leaves can be used to wrap sushi or rice balls in, as an alternative to seaweed. The salty, savory flavor enhances the aroma of the rice and gives your dish a unique, Japanese flavor. It also gives your dish a beautiful red color and is often used as natural food coloring! 

Umeboshi Farming in Odawara