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Few companies are as passionate as the brewers at Marukawa. Dedicated to not only preserve their traditional processes, but also to better the future society, they create recipes, blogs, Youtube videos and various events to introduce people to the art of brewing, as well as educate on the importance of fresh, safe ingredients and clean farming. On their website you can trace each raw ingredient to the exact farm it was grown at as their encourage transparancy and food safety. 

In 1772 the very first generation of the family started growing rice and formed the basis of a brewery with a rich history. Six generations later, small local farmers joined together to start a brewery for mainly koji. Although the factory was destroyed during air raids during WO2 and then again a couple of years later during the Great Fukui Earthquake, the team preserved. When in 1950 the government control on miso production was abolished, they started to craft miso too and the brewery slowly grew over time. The large wooden tubs bought in the 80s are still used today, and is one of the secrets for their deep umami and unique flavor. From the 90s onwards the company started to place more importance on organic farming and became the first certified organic miso brewery. 

They redefined their company mission as "healthy → fulfilling life → → food" and "making miso using ingredients and manufacturing methods that are as close to natural nature as possible". 

The Marukawa Promise 

Organic, additive-free, domestic raw materials. Pesticide-, chemical- and fertilizer-free. To create "good food for the people". 

As a miso formula is simple (rice, soybeans and salt), they differentiate themselves with homegrown, tasty raw ingredients.

Water is essential to create miso. They use 
groundwater from the Hino River that is naturally filtered and free of chlorine. 

The only miso brewery that collects its own koji mold (fermenting bacteria), made with homegrown seeds, to control the safety.  

In an era of mass production they continue to craft according to traditional standards and processes, using their signature wooden vats that have been used over 80 years. 

They craft via "natural brewing", without heating the miso. It takes about 3 months at room temperature. This process is lengthly and complex, but creates a unique flavor. 

They guarante to deliver the best quality to their customers, while being transparant through recipes, blogs and educational videos and events for adults and kids alike.

"A cup of miso soup can change the future of Japan!"

Hironori Kawasaki - Bewer at Marukawa Miso